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cut your 51 million, plus these millions and you have saved a few bucks

The Boise Cascade property in Yakima WA.


25 million in public funding from the state community economic revitalization board and an EQUAL AMOUNT OF MONIES from the city of yakima. Wow!! talk about corporate welfare! You cut 51 million dollars and fiance this instead! Yakima is being pressured to give the "Bears' local baseball team, A 20 MILLION DOLLAR STADIUM because they are "bleeding" ! So the public should pay?


This along with the "exit" from this property,across the freeway, across the river, over a swamp,through a bunch of nice housing leading to the yakima county landfill site, also known as the "DUMP", in terrace hts. This is very appropriate, as the final cost of that fiasco is not even known. They have given a company 700,000.00 to tell us we will enjoy this! I am sure that the idea is to connect all the land fills so the state of Washington can be counted on to "revitalize" our whole Yakima valley with Chinese dollars. Hope the ink does not smear.


How ever this comes down you and I are going to pay for this. The city council member who wants her grandchildren, to enjoy this project will be taught how wonderful it is to live beyond ones means as their children will still have this rope around their neck because of the present Governments lousy choices.



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