Effective Government

Run state business like the private sector

Run state business like the private sectors such as;

Employees- give merit raises to those that are performing above standards, and the rest who choose to treat their employment as a paycheck only, cut them loose.

Resources- Don't let them sit and rot, or collect dust. Use them or sell them versus buying new, or letting them sit to become a waste for the state.

General fund- Many taxpayers are tired of being taxed for the same concerns over and over again. Why is a percentage of lottery suppose to be raised for roads, yet we still pay a gas tax ontop of that. What ever a tax has been raised for, use it for that purpose only and truly see who uses too much resources to determine where cuts should be made. It should be okay for the state to make a profit, this would help lessen the taxes needing to be imposed.

Bills/Laws- Prethink, not just the outcome of how the bill passed will benefit your needs at this time. Preplan as to how it will be manipulated by agencies, citizens, and lawmakers, or how it will likely effect several of the taxpayers of this state later in life. When passing a bill, look into the future and stop living in the moment.



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