Economic Development


one of the things you can do is stop letting contractors rip off city and state departments, eample 14st bridge in south park they estimate a hundred million well the bridge is made out of steel and concrete not computer chips not gold not uranium etc these contarctors are gouging they charge for everything they may pay an employee 25 dollars an hour but are charging you 200 to 500 dollars per for there labor so essential you all the employees wages plus a huge profit and they charge you for everthing materials gas whatever they can think of and its parbally triple if not more do this send one of upper managemnet to a concrete company and say hey i need ten yards of concrete in my back yard i am making a patio etc whatever so they give him the price per yard and they deliver to no look at that price compared to what the contarcotrs are going to charge you a a yard o concrete and its the same with anything else they charge you for its going to be triple if not more like i said they will probally chharge anywhere from 150 dollars or more per employee per to the bill when in reality they will pay most of the workers anywhere from 10 to 35 dollars an hour depending on the skill level thats what they pay everday like a guy that just shovels dirt or sweeps up tehy may pay 15 to 25 dollars an hour but will charge you 150 t0 250 dollars per hour per person get my drift now its like they put in some trafiic lights up in north seattle at some corner they charged like 25'000 per light,,,, get it its a light its a tall pole with light on it the material for the if i mad it myself maybe 1thousand dollars so get my drift ? there is the reason why your over budget and thats just one thing there are many others but you have let people get so comfortable its unbelivable oh we buy this we build this but hey no money so what do you do you try and tax more with ever dropping the taxes again its constant obvisously you are only concerned with the people around you a governor should take into account for future generations but that is not being down at all ther are so many good ideas out ther ebut obvisouly the lobbyist have the upper hand and contarctors who can buy favors or give them



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