Effective Government

eclectic laundry list from an average guy

Require honesty and full disclosure -- especially in court -- by the AG office and all state employees when they are opposing the citizens. Start with parenting/CPS proceedings. This would shorten the proceedings immensely by not having to fight

off the lies and misrepresentations and omissions of the AG and DSHS. Ask the Colville prosecutors about this.


Give the police all police powers. End CPS which doesn't know how to handle the power. Law enforcement needs the funds not the AG civil office.


Require L&I to reply to claimant questions and to READ THEIR OWN FORM RESPONSES -- Require L&I to require employers to COMPLETE all their forms and require L&I to use the information available to them instead of playing a waiting game through a year or more of services and proceedings because the information is missing.


Stop paying forensic evaluators etc. in medical and social services cases. Just pay client choice of a Dr. for a less costly visit and get the records. Use half the saved funds for real help not biased forensic "services" which are actually only services to the AG building the case.


Stop DSHS from scheduling and mailing out (or not) all

their frequent forms of medical renewal, etc. to clients. Just have DSHS require that a Dr. who is paid by their programs sends in records on a set schedule. Let

the Dr. know the requirements for the program (e.g. check this person or that disease every 3 months).


REQUIRE the state to provide or at least consider

learning ability/disability evaluations or evidence (client can provide) in all proceedings where any form of competence is an issue or a citizen must defend

against government action. Not limited to CPS /L&I / medical denials, but certainly a good start.


Turn off LIGHTS and lower the heat in government buildings. Especially at night - do we really need the Capitol lit so long?


Stop paying private out-of-state outsourced education online services. On the other hand, use the College Board tests instead of reinventing the wheel for assessment. Assessment should be nationally standardized; teaching should be local and personal.


Stop education from competing with homeschoolers. For heaven's sake, home education is free to the state. Stop legislating more and more schooling for younger ages. It's not scientifically backed and what you have is not consistently served anyway.



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