Economic Development

Volunteer Positions

Develop volunteer positions for non-essential services. There are a lot of positions and job duties that people are being paid for that require minimal or no training at the government offices, that ordinary citizens can do as part of a service for their government. We all talk about changing things, or coming up with plans to enact that government can do to help us save money, but who's willing to put their money where their mouth is? This program, properly supervised, would give the citizens a way to be involved in cutting costs. State Employees who have parts of their jobs determined to be "non-essential" would receive training in more essential functions, and create a more focused workforce for our government. The non-essential job functions picked up by citizens would be things that take away from the productivity of our state workers. Tasks like filing, data entry of non-secure information, appointment setting, and general office labor can easily be accomplished outside of the scope of normal job duties. If 10 people worked 8 hours a week on these tasks, we could save 80 hours of labor that provides little or no result, and leave our government workers that 80 hours to focus on more their jobs. Matching volunteers with specific job skills to job tasks would also cut down on training times for those without skills. Scheduling volunteer hours during the day and after work hours or weekends would also allow more people to be involved. Electronic taasks could be regulated via a website to allow people not local to the job sites a chance to pitch in as well. there are a lot of opportunites for us to pitch in and help things run smoother.



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