Effective Government

Three ideas to shift dollars from school bureaucracies to classrooms

1. Save $1.47 billion by cutting education programs that can't prove they are raising student achievement: Compensatory Education, $947 million, Other Instruction $133 million, Community Service $54 million, and 25 % of Districtwide Support, $339 million.


2.Remember that 83% of school district spending is on salaries and benefits, or $8.1billion out of a total $10 billion. A ten percent salary and benefit reduction would save nearly $1 billion and cost no one their job.


3.Yet this would preserve the current system that delivers less than 59 cents of every dollar to the classroom. Requiring school districts to make 25% across the board cuts, with 15% in expenditure reductions and 10% reallocated to schools, would shift resources from bureaucracies to schools.



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