Economic Development

Sustainable Economic Stimulus Grant.

Sustainable Economic Stimulus Grant.


Encourage the development of sustainable economic models via restrictive grants. For example, hold a statewide recipe contest to foster the development of a portfolio of food products which primarily contain agriculture grown here in Washington (ala Aplets and Cotlets). Subsequently, solicit business plan submissions to develop, manufacture, and market these products on a local and/or national level. A restricted grant would then be offered to fund the enterprise, with restrictive caveats pertaining to the company's state of domicile (Washington), transfer of ownership, manufacturing restrictions (made in Washington) and so forth.


Some might scoff at the idea of a public / private partnership. However, this isn't much different than a broadly focused revitalization loan or other incentive based initiatives focused on creating and/or keeping jobs in our state. Nor is it the idea above radically different than a co-op model.


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