Protect Health and Vulnerable People

Suicide Prevention Barrier on Aurora Bridge

Revisit the idea of spending a ton of $$ on building a suicide prevention barrier on the Aurora Bridge. While suicide is tragic, and very disturbing to those who may witness such an act, spending this kind of $ on a relatively rare event rather than utilizing this $ for direct human services to prevent suicide is foolish. The bottom line is that while such a barrier prevents "impulse suicides" it does nothing to deter premeditated suicide. Individuals who plan and intend to follow through on suicide will find another way to do so. Mental Health services are in dire need of funding, and funding for human services has been cut and is in danger of more cuts. This $ would be much better utilized being diverted to human services. (and think of all the $ saved on not providing construction grade earplugs to nearby residents, as well as $ saved due to traffic issues that will no doubt occur if this barrier is constructed).



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