Student Achievement


a. let people know where the dollars from the lottery are going, they say they are going for education but it does not appear that is true.

b. legalize statewide gambling, if the tribes do not like it, tell them the state will not legalize it if they give 5% of their gross take to the state

c: put the entire university system under state control, with the same salaries for all the staff and common tuitions, etc. Set up a board of governors.

d. Have one early learning department, we have one state level and one at OSPI-we don't need two.

e. drop testing of pre-k and k-2 students; the feds are already doing this and do a follow through to 5th grade we can not do at the state level

f. End Of Course Exams in Mathematics-why is the state conducting these assessments; they should done at the district and the school level; this adds to the overall assessment costs at the state level, and probably will not reflect what kids know unless they follow a state dictated curriculum.



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