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Stop Wasting Money on Duplicate Truck Routes

Stop wasting money on costly damage to state highways caused by trucks taking convenience trips through city streets. I am specifically talking about towns like Cle Elum where the state pays millions of dollars on I-90 maintenance and then the City of Cle Elum erects signs encouraging trucks to leave the interstate and travel through Cle Elum for a distance of three miles two of which are State Highway 903. The state has spent millions of dollars resurfacing Hwy 903 since 1967 much of which was caused by heavy trucks who cut through the town of Cle Elum looking for a cup of coffee. The City of Cle Elum has encouraged this non sense with their "Easy Thru Access" signs out on I-90. Why would any town want a steady stream of 105,000 pound trucks running through the middle of their town? Its a good question maybe the Mayor should answer. However why should taxpayers have to pay for damage to both the Interstate and 903. By the way HWY 903 is a truck route to Roslyn not a short cut through Cle Elum. The cost for the last resurfacing project in Cle Elum was well over one million dollars. With the cost of oil higher than in the past the next time taxpayers will get nailed for 2 million or more. Much of this a needless expense of taxpayers dollars. I am sure there are other "truck routes" that local officials and the "trucking industry" have turned into short cuts at taxpayers expense. Cle Elum wouldnt be doing this if they actually had to pay some of the expenses. The solution is to make Cle Elum and other jurisdictions make trucks use the routes as they were intended-not convenience shortcuts.



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