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State Employees Should Walk!!!

Enough is enough! State employees have sacrificed more than their share. Just because they are State employees does not mean they should be beaten into the ground and keep taking one for the team. Its time to stand up and say enough is enough. They have bills and families just like everyone else. Time for State employees to stand up for themselves.


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  1. Comment
    Glenn Bowlsby

    While I agree, most of us do not have the protection of unions and cannot afford not to have a job, and since the private sector has no jobs, the state would just hire new people to replace us, or they would contract out to the private sector, increasing the budget problems.

  2. Comment
    Sonny French

    maybe not walk but speak up. we've been cut and asked to do more for less. There are options besides sticking it to state workers.

  3. Comment
    John Earl

    My Dad always told me, if you don't like your job, or your employer, go find a better one.

  4. Comment
    Colleen Stevens

    Hey Glen,

    While we state workers may seem like wimps, under Article 49 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement we are not permited to strike or refuse to perform our official duties! Alot of good our contract does us when we do not even have the power of the right to strike.

  5. Comment
    R Keller

    Just because we don't like what is happening, doesn't mean that we don't like our jobs. And what does a strike really get you?? Most of the time when there is a strike, you end up losing in the long run.