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Saving money and waste

All agencies should stop providing disposable items that are used for food. Employees should be required to bring their own dishes, utensils, etc. whether reusable or disposable. State agencies that have institutions like WSH, SCC (DSHS), and prisons (DOC) should look into buying ALL reusable serving trays instead of throwing away thousands of dollars a month on disposable cups, lids, utensils, plates, etc. since EVERYTHING THAT IS USED IS NOT REUSABLE.


Schools/colleges should also require students/visitors to pay a fee if they want to use the disposable, one time use, take out style food trays/items.


I read an article in a food service magazine about how multiple food businesses have started to charge a fee for their disposable food storage items. the article stated that this idea helped with costs and becoming a greener business. This idea can also be used as an incentive for students to possibly buy an eco-friendly reusable food storage item that they can bring along with them when buying food for take out from the school stores. They would want to do this to avoid a fee for using the disposable tray provided by the school.


Some of the businesses in the magazine article stated that they also allowed people to rent reusable trays. At a school they had people purchase the reusable tray for about 3 dollars. If people did not want to take the tray with them to wash and carry around they could trade the tray in for a card/token so that they could come back whenever and trade their proof of purchase back in for a tray next time they needed to.



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