Public Safety

Save BIG on water testing

Public facilities and rural business that gets their water from wells must test the water every 30 days. The tests cost about $50 plus 1/2 day of employee time (to take the sample and drive it to "town" quickly). The system is so onerous, remote USFS campgrounds have simply shut their water off. What is magic about 30 days? Thousands of Wa. residents live perfectly healthy lives on well water that is only tested once a generation! Each public facility (rest area, campground, school, office etc) would save $300 and three work days per year if the tests were bumped to once every 60 days (or better yet, 90 days). This savings doesn't count the reduction in paperwork, staff and DOE red tape. I've worked with these systems for decades, and the tests only flunk if you touch the bottle or have worked on the system.



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