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Review State Route System

I suggest that the state transfer those SR’s (State Routes) that do not cross county lines to be transferred to the county jurisdiction. The state funds SR’s thru maintenance (DOT) as well as law enforcement (WSP). However SR’s are also covered by the local law enforcement. Why should a road that is only in one county be considered a state highway? For example SR 515 goes from Renton to Kent; why should that be funded by the state? So the state is funding WSP to patrol this road, however Kent PD, Renton PD, and King County Sheriff also patrol this road. I agree that roads that cross county lines should be funded by the state, much like how interstate routes receive federal funding. I even see why some major SR’s such as SR 18 and SR 520 should receive state funding. But there is no reason why the state should fund roads that are only in one county or even one city!



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