Protect Health and Vulnerable People

Restructure Respite programs

Restructure Waiver program and CIBS program. It would be much more cost effective and beneficial to clients and families to use the funds from some of these programs to be used to more types of after school care or day programs for our disabled family members.


When there is a 1:1 respite provider, all care is dependent on that provider. When they cancel, it throws the whole schedule off. We, as families, schedule our lives around the care of our disabled children. Many of us are unable to work due to no care for our children.


If we used the respite money for group services (held by parks departments, RHC campuses, community center) it would be more reliable care and there would be social outlets for our children too.


With this out of home type of respite, not all care is dependent on one provider and it also gives the family a chance to recoup within their own home.


I know for us, it was much more difficult to have someone in our home - our child demanded to be with me even when a respite provider was there to attend to his needs.


Using group type of respite would save money and also allow more children to be able to benefit from respite.



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