Economic Development

Raise taxes on wealthy corporations

It seems logical that if we are in a financial crisis we should raise taxes somewhere. What are the richest entities in the state? Who does all of this infrastructure built at taxpayer expense benefit?


The answer is corporations.


When they make huge profits, it rarely goes to the benefit of the majority of employees. The executives have the choice on what to do with the profits and they choose to reward themselves. I have seen that they use "the economy" as a scapegoat for freezing wages, then proceed to give themselves bonuses and stipends as they company has increased financial gains.


It is incomprehensible that a state which contains large corporations--such as Boeing, Epoch Pharmaceuticals, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Alaska Air, Weyerhaeuser, Microsoft, Fluke, Interwest Bancorp, Puget Sound Energy, Sterling Financial, Cascade Financial, Columbia Banking System, Washington Federal, ProCyte, Mosaix, Cypress Bioscience, Pegasus Gold, Price/Costco, Safeco, and Visio to name a few--can be in a financial crisis.


It is incomprehensible that a State which counts the second wealthiest person on the face of the Earth among it's citizens can be in a financial crisis.



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