Economic Development

Pass legislation to place a limit on suits against doctors and hospitals and regulate the health care insurance companies.

I was shocked six years ago after I moved to Washington from California and discovered that my health care insurance had gone up by 5 times for the same coverage. When I asked my health care insurance provider, they said because the cost of health care in Washington is higher. No kidding. A little further investigation revealed that the reason that health care costs are higher in Washington is because Washington does not have a tort limit and has minimal regulation of the health insurance companies. Not only would the State save millions in health care coverage for its employee by taking care of this huge problem, they would reduce the load on our court system saving even more. Such a move would have a huge positive affect on health care in the State. Doctors and hospitals could reduce their practice of defensive medicine, more doctors would set up their practice in the State and businesses would be more competitive and have a healthier work force. They could even grow their business and add jobs. Everybody wins - except the lawyers. I never thought I would find something that cost more outside of California except vegatables.



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