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Medical and Prescription Idea

I work in a pharmacy and I believe if we just charge a small amount to people that want their medicines like 1$ for generics and 2$ for brand names you would really help off set the costs. It sounds silly but even if you just charge a little people will really consider what they get. also for the people that need to see a doctor need to pay just 1$ for a general practitioner 3$ for a specialist and 10$ for an emergency visit. also if they go to the emergency room for a simple cold they should be charged 50$. their are enough walk in clinics on the weekend that we do not need to pay for an emergency visit for a cold. They should not be able to go to the emergency room unless all clinics are closed. Also we shouldn't be paying for people to have medicare part D for prescription benefits and covering their co-pays. that is just dumb. We have Medicaid already for prescriptions. That is double paying for the same thing. Makes no since plus then patients can go out of state on (vacation) and fill their prescriptions while on vacation. If they can afford to be able to travel then they don't need Medicaid. You should offer places a phone # or fax to help turn people in that seem to be scamming the system. I would support paying or taking the copay money i suggested to pay the people to man the phone or fax # to bust the people that are scamming the system.



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