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Illegal vehicle registration

I live in Vancouver. I have noticed an increasing number of Vancouver, WA residents (& surrounding area) sporting Oregon license plates. Some of these individuals live in my apartment complex. One person that lived here actually had an Oregon drivers license with her WA address. Oregon says they do not issue licenses to WA residents but that is not true. There is not adequate policing of these processes in Oregon. They should be stricter when issuing licenses. I suggest that the State of WA require managers at mortgage companies/banks and apartment complexes collect license plate numbers from residents and submit them to local authorities so they can notify these people to update their plates. There is thousands of dollars in lost revenue from unpaid sales tax for the purchase of these vehicles not to mention sales tax for every day purchases since all they have to do is show their Oregon Driver's License to be exempt from sales tax. A general notice can go out giving them a 45-day amnesty to get legal or pay taxes and penalties if they do not comply. Our license fees are low enough that there is no excuse for not complying.



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