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DSHS needs to stop paying for repairs on peoples cars that are collecting welfare. Why are we tax payers footing the bills of hundreds of dollars to fix someone eles cars so they can "look for work" ???? Give'em a bus pass.


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    Sherri Gangitano

    I was laid off, have a child with disabilities choiced into another school to receive fair and equal education. I needed my care to 1)look for work, 2)take my daughter to school, 3)take my daughter to medical appointments, and 4) take care of my own appointments.

    What you are telling me, please clarify if I am wrong, is that I don't deserve a car because I was laid off and forced to go on TANF to support my family (I have 3 other kids-divorced).

    If they hadn't fixed my car when the water pump and brakes went out, my daughter would have been prevented from receiving an education and medical care. And no, a bus pass would not have helped since its at least 1/2 mile to the nearest bus stop which runs every 1/2 hour from my house and is no where near her school.

    Is that really the problem? Or are you so ignorant to the real truths out there about us poor folk that you won't recognize that we have barriers we fight every day and we are actual human beings trying to do right for our families.