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Eliminate L & I paper mailings

Eliminate paper claim mailings to employers by Dept of L & I. We can get the info. electronically.


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  1. Comment
    Glenn Bowlsby

    This would hurt the paper industry, and in turn hurt the USPS, which will cause more people laid off, in the paper, printing and mailing industries. And not everyone can/will get on-line there is the older crowd that will not, and some younger crowds that have no computer or internet.

  2. Comment
    David Wampler

    Glenn, I doubt it would have as big of an impact on the USPS or the paper industry as you say, but the rest of your comment is valid.

  3. Comment
    Glenn Bowlsby

    The USPS has been in trouble for a while, here is an article you read if you want to. http://www.dmnews.com/usps-revenue-and-volume-continue-to-plummet/article/137635/

    Many people want to use electronic notification versus paper, that is thier choice, but many choose electronic because they are trying to save trees. Tress are a renewable resource, and here in the US we have tree farms. So if paper mailings were out completely, it would hurt tree farms, paper mills, printing industries, and mailing industries. Not right away, but it is going to happen.

  4. Comment
    K J

    I think that there should at least be an easy option of getting notified online. I'm tired of getting tons of mail that I just throw away. It's a waste of paper and postage.

    I'm not saying that everyone has to switch to online notices, but a lot of the time it would just make everything easier. I worked for a city's department of business licensing for a while and everything was done by paper there too, and I then had to enter it all separately into the computer. And if someone didn't send in their renewal, they just got more letters sent out. It's ridiculous.

  5. Comment
    Debra Lentz

    While it is a great idea, it is not realistic to assume everyone is online, or wants to be online. Eventually, this will likely happen, but now is not the time.

  6. Comment
    J M

    Allow businesses to have a choice to receive information electronically much like the credit card companies do. At my business I would much prefer electronic over the mass amounts of paper notices I get, but by allowing a choice those who find electronic to be a problem could still get the paper version.