Student Achievement

Define K-12 Basic Education for state funding purposes

Define what portion of the a local school district K-12 budget is required by state law: read/math/science/foreign languages/history - fund only what is BASIC.


Do not fund PE/sports/Arts/Music as many cities have taxing districts for parks and recreation which other liberal arts curriculum subjects. Cities and communities can tax themselves extra for the things above Basic funding that the state pays for. I support a liberal arts education but it doesn't have to be provided by the public schools.


End K and support a program for birth to K - mail correspondence activities for home schooling - home parenting skills materials - PBS TV, DVD, online access. Provide information to parents at birth in a WA hosipital - PARENTS AS A CHILD'S FIRST TEACHER AND ROLE THEY HAVE FOR THEIR CHILD'S EDUCATION IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOL beginning 1st grade.



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