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Create a statewide ortal for secure information for all state contracted providers accessable through the www.access.wa.gov webs

Create a secure portal similar to www.onehealthport.com. This would create a resource for all state contracted providers to access one secure server for needed information. It would also reduce the amount of administrative time and resources to validate each provider (Tax ID number). We currently require a new security certificate/password for each state program even within the same agency which is expensive and an inefficient use of agency resources.


This would also be an advantage as we move forward with health care reform and the possibility of one application for all state medical benefits. Here's an example, most state contracted providers must apply for an NPI number and use Provider One services, while other agencies and programs throughout the state including DOH and HCA use separate secure servers/portals/security certificates for the same type of services for the exact same providers. While ProviderOne should encompass all DSHS services, other agencies require programs within the agency to independently administer and support similar web related services.


Some state agencies are having to reduce services, allowable payments, contracts and staffing due to budget crisis. It would be disappointing to have the uninsured/underinsured population and state employees take another cut to help reduce state expenses.


I believe that this type of resources would be beneficial for budget savings, community relationships and consistent use of secure data throughout the state.




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