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Crack down on Illegal Immigrants

Crack down on Illegal immigrants. They are draining are social services such as food assistance. They are also crowding our local jails and prisons. We need an Arizona style immigration law to stop this illegal activity which is costing our state billions.


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  1. Comment
    Bill Mills

    If you can't prove you are an American citizen or prove that you are here LEGALLY, then you should not get a drivers license or an id card of any kind.

    The illegals from Arizona are flocking to Wa. state due to our open door policy. Get'em out !

  2. Comment
    natalie jensen

    Illegals are still people. Being human does come with certain rights. Lots of illegals want to work, thrive and raise families, just as you and I. The difference is they were not born in this country, doesn't mean we can throw them out with the bath water because it's dirty!

    Our government and the people of this country need to develop a plan to deal with this controversial subject that is fair to everyone concerned!

  3. Comment
    Bill Mills

    Yes we can throw them out with the bath water.

    They do not deserve to be in MY country illegally.

    I don't mind legal visitors and those who come here legally to become citizens. I do mind the illegals and they need to be discarded.

  4. Comment
    Common American

    Natalie....what part of ILLEGAL do you have so much trouble comprehending?

    With your rationale, you should be inviting every pedophile, rapist, and murderer into your home. After all, they are just human beings regardless of their lifestyle being ILLEGAL!