Effective Government

Close down extra buildings rented by State

Close down extra buildings within state goverment-DSHS, DOC, etc. For example. DSHS and other State agency rents multiple buildings across the state for offices, etc-an example is in Steilacoom there is a large building, called the white house, that has only a few employees of SCC managment and houses the Superintendent of SCC, and other managers as well as holds meetings, etc. The Special Commitment Center, SCC, has more than enough office space for all the employees to be at the actual building/site, where they should be in the first place. I would guess it would be more effecient if the superintendent was at the location he/she is supervising. The money that would save would be hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on closures-millions. The rent of white house for SCC also would increase productivity-the SCC managers and senior clinical have meetings, which means they get paid to travel on the ferry to get to the meeting, the staff get paid to travel to the SCC on McNeil as well. This would save money in wages wasted in travel. This is just one building I have been told about, but in Kitsap there are a few, and King County has buildings that can be consolidated.



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