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Canadian Prescriptions available to all

Prescriptions drugs are more expensive here than in Canada. Why is this? We are bordering Canada after all.


I believe the state should allow shipments of Canadian prescription drugs to be shipped to Washingtonians. To help the state budget shortfall we could put an extra tax on Canadian drugs so that they are more in line with U.S. prices (but please, not as high as that would defeat the purpose).


You would be helping the state and it's citizens in this case. An alternative to this is perhaps allowing stores in Washington to carry those Canadian prescriptions with said tax.


It's an idea. I'm not sure how crazy I would be about it as I'm not confident the state would pull it off without jacking up prices too much.




The FDA regulates prescription drugs made in the U.S. Under federal law so it is illegal for anyone except the drug manufacturer to import prescription drugs into the U.S.


So I would propose that Washington state inquire about changing federal law before proceeding with this idea. Draft up a bill to send to the senate/house



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