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Be smart about election booklets

Every election, a large booklet arrives in the mail. However, there's only about 50% voter turnout. Instead of expensive printing, expensive mailing, and creating more garbage, direct voters to a government website with the same information and produce a fraction of those physical booklets for distribution from official locations.


For instance, instead of the booklet, I could receive a postcard for much less cost in printing and mailing. On the postcard would be a convenient web address as well as several nearby distribution points. If I didn't have internet access, I could go to the library to get access or to pick up a copy of the book. Beyond libraries, voting offices, fire and police stations, and schools and so forth could all be distribution points. This would allow access to materials while having more efficient distribution of those materials.


The website could allow me as a voter to focus on the area I am in rather than blanket listing everything under the sun. It could even allow me to instantly review incumbent voting records or get detailed reports on initiatives so I am a more conscious and better informed voter. The postcard could even include a reminder of where unregistered folks could go to get registered.





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