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Allow parents to save the state money with educational alternatives

Allow parents to save the state money by encouraging the use of educational alternatives such as homeschooling, online learning, and private schooling.


The primary cost in the state budget is for public education, and yet there are thousands of parents with children currently in the public school system who would gladly save the state money by utilizing educational alternatives if there were a small incentive.


My wife and I have home-schooled six children saving the state over $35,000 a year, and we did it without an incentive which is not easy because books and materials still cost money.


However, I believe that many more parents would be glad to do as we have done if there was some help in the form of a small credit on their property taxes or sales taxes.


Every new parent who utilizes an educational alternative would save the state budget something on the order of $4,500. And I think all the state needs to do is offer them a small credit on the order of ~$500 per child per year.


The program could be limited to new student withdrawals only for ten years to insure a positive impact on the budget and the public school system. That won't help me but that's OK.


If the state is not willing to allow a parent to save the state ~$4000, then I think they are letting their biases cloud their judgment and they are clearly not serious about reducing the state's budget deficit.


There may be details to work out, but the concept is a total win-win from a parent and state budget perspective and is fiscally sound.


Any opposition to the idea is likely to be more ideological than monetary, but we can't afford to let our biases stop us from saving money at this time.


Thank You,


Craig L. Williams

Vancouver, WA



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