Economic Development

Allow for private sales of organs, marrow, tissue, etc.

I suggest you...Allow for the sale of organs, marrow, etc. Provided removal and installation were both done in WA State by WA State licensed physicians, such a proposal could easily withstand a 10th Amendment challenge. Sales tax would naturally be charged; and quality of health care in our state would arguably improve as more people donate organs and the free market equilibrium removes doubt about transplant costs from insurance companies. This plan would additionally provide the poorest among us with a viable and valuable hedge against these challenging economic times which may actually reduce our soaring welfare roles in the process. This proposal has been suggested by numerous medical professionals over the years, and given our attitudes towards ancillary issues such as "death with dignity" this is hardly out of bounds for our citizenry, ethically speaking. It could also get people more involved in overall notions of what actually constitutes a healthy lifestyle-which could in the long term cut down on obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, and other lifestyle based disorders. Needless to say that if prices were high enough, estate taxes could apply in addition to sales taxes in some instances.



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