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After so many years (when a person reaches a certain age, if they have had X amount of accidents/traffic violations, or another factor of time) WA state citizens should be required to retake the drivers license test, written and/or physical. This will help in multiple ways. First, the fee to take the test will increase revenue. Second, it will prevent more accidents and traffic violations because it will keep people unable to drive properly off the road. Third, this will ensure that as generations become older and new laws are created everyone stays on the same page and follows the rules of the road.

Also, the educational pamphlet that is currently given out to the public to study for the test should be available online for free and if someone wants a printed out version they should have to pay for the cost to print.


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  1. Comment
    Brian Farley

    I agrea with the retesting, but not with having to buying the book. I don't think the retesting should be limited to a certain age like that. Anyone who has X number of violations per year, regardless of age, sgould have to retest, because they either don't know the laws or can't drive. After a certain age there should be a safety evaluation required for drivers, but I don't want to see older drivers viewed as a revenue source.

  2. Comment
    Harry Waldapfel

    I agree but retesting should be done for every driver once a decade. Also when a car owener renews the licence tabs be required to show proof of insurance. How many of us have been caughtr on the short end of the stick in an accident....

  3. Comment
    Debbie Shapiro

    @Harry - Yes, I was sort of surprised that WA state doesn't require proof of insurance with registration renewals. We had that in NJ. And our renewal costs were much less than WA state, too.

  4. Comment
    Bev Walsh

    Again - aren't you supposed to look at reducing costs not increasing requires that drive additional costs.

  5. Comment
    S. T. ( Idea Submitter )

    These ideas are supposed to decrease costs for the Washington state's budget. This idea and its comments will help with public safety and help keep costs ongoingly low. By requiring people to retake a driver's test after so many year or if they have been in so many accidents the fees will stay low because more people will be taking the test and less reckless driver's will be on the road. Also going along with one of the comments, if drivers are required to show proof of insurance when renewing their tabs and registration this will help as well with safety and reducing fees.

  6. Comment
    George Thomas

    But, in fairness, if we are honestly going to weed out drivers (of all ages) who aren't up to the mark, then public transportation funds need to be increased so that people can freely get around.